Patricia Evans, through her books and many other resources has empowered me to be what she calls a “spell breaker”. She has helped me change my life for the better. In gratitude to her, to the best of my ability, I share what she has given me so that we might weave a spell of positive magic among ALL the women of the world.

No more fucking around.

This is a good book to start with but there are many more. I heartily recommend all of them.
*As I process my pain from this particular relationship it may appear that I am “dissing” the Leather Community in general. That is not my intention. I am a proponent of people- especially women- finding strength and power within their sexual nature. I firmly believe that “Your Passion is Personal; Your Desires Divine”.
If that means BDSM or “missionary style every Saturday at 9PM” I applaud you!  Find it, own it and then make it happen.


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